Shelton Academy

About Us

We are fully accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance, an association for non-traditional schools. Our teachers are experienced, well-qualified, dedicated, and caring. They understand that each child is special, differing from others mentally, emotionally, and physically; they treat each as unique in his or her abilities, talents, and interests. Shelton has no entrance or exit exams; instead, we meet each child “where the child is” and endeavor to help that child to attain his or her own personal goals.

Shelton Academy’s Philosophy
Shelton’s philosophy is, obviously, that each student is unique, with a special combination of individual strengths and individual weaknesses. We feel that an educational atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance is the key to success for every student. We encourage all abilities and accept all real limitations. We do not, of course, accept unreal or self-imposed limitations! We believe that the purpose of education is to remove barriers and enhance opportunities.

Shelton Academy’s Goal
Achievement with flexibility is our goal. We do not want to be “cookie- cutter” educators! We do not want to produce “cookie-cutter” students!

Shelton Academy’s Methods
The staff at Shelton Academy knows that many students excel in all areas, while other students excel in some areas, but do not do as well in others. Our curriculum choices for each child take these differences into account. Our methods are individualized and tutorial. A low student/teacher ratio permits a high level of direct teacher/student communication. We find that one-on-one instruction adapted to individual learning capacities and learning styles helps BOTH the student who has learning difficulties AND the student who is bored by the pace of the average classroom! Once a child experiences such a positive and adaptable learning environment, where each child’s own nature can fulfill itself, self-esteem and confidence begin to climb, and stress begins to disappear!

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